Samsung Wants To Move 100 Million Tablets In 2014

Big companies, lofty ambitions. Samsung is no stranger to success, surely not in the mobile domain. An army of its Galaxy branded smartphones have conquered competitors left and right.

But one thing where the company knows it has work to do is the tablet market.

And this particular section of the industry has been pegged for remarkable growth in the coming years. While Android powered tablets have now for the first time registered a bigger share in sales and revenue against the iPad, Samsung is yet to put up a slate a singlehandedly takes on Apple’s device.

This is exactly what the Korean company wants to change going forward.

It is now ready to focus more on its tablet business, and while it is estimated that Samsung will ship a total of 40 to 42 million slates in 2013, its plans for next year are remarkably grand — grand and almost unheard of in the industry.

As this report suggests, Samsung wants to increase its tablet shipments to the highs of 100 million units.

And this, the company believes, it should be able to do next year. With this target in mind, Samsung is planning some new form factors and feature sets (dual boot with Windows RT) that should position its brand in a good position for business and enterprise users.

Screen sizes in the 12.2 and 13.3 inch range are expected to be unveiled soon, and the company is also preparing AMOLED displays for these tablets.

Finally, how the various Atom powered Windows 8.1 Pro slates fare will also have a big say in the direction Samsung takes for its tablet assault. Interesting times ahead.

Written by Liz Cole

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