Samsung Wants To Use Exynos Chip For Windows

Samsung Exynos

Talk about a sweet surprise! Microsoft is pushing Windows hard on other processors like ARM, but the market is still limited to what Qualcomm creates in the shape of Snapdragon chips.

However, there is talk that the world of Windows on ARM could get another new name added in.

Samsung is believed to be building a new Exynos processor that will be designed specifically to be compatible with Windows. The Korean giant has already looked into a number of prototypes, including PC optimized versions of the Exynos 990.

But the company is keeping the door open for a completely new chip with increased performance built for Windows.

An announcement in this regard could be coming as early as next month.

A future Galaxy Book could run on this new processor, which will make Samsung the first company to use its very own ARM chip on a Windows 10 PC that it brings to market. It already makes some rather excellent computers, and this is just an evolution of this strategy.

That said, there is also a chance that the company may explore deals that would see other hardware makers get their hands on this Exynos processor.

We’ll probably just have to wait and see how this one shapes up.

A massive Samsung event is just around the corner. And if there is a time to announce something remarkable like this, then this is it.

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