Samsung Working On A Surface Duo Rival

September 8, 2020
Surface Duo Folded

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and Samsung is in full flattery mode. The Korean giant is working on a new foldable smartphone that it is said takes full inspiration from the Surface Duo.

The recently released Android handset from Microsoft, what else?

There are some who believe that this is a device destined to have a tough time on the market, owing to the fact that it comes carrying a premium price tag without having the latest generation hardware specifications to match it.

But on the other hands, other hardware makers seem to be impressed with what it accomplished, with rumors that even Apple is exploring such a novel form factor for the iPhone.

Whether that becomes a reality or not, we have intelligence that Samsung is building its very own model with a 360° hinge that will be in some ways similar to the Duo.

As reported, it may possibly be called the Galaxy Z Fold S, and will allow users to fold the display both inward and outward. Concrete details are missing at the moment, but it is being suggested that Samsung wants to do things its own way.

And that is, putting one foldable panel on this device so that it does not come with two different screens. There will be a hinge, but it is not yet clear what its role will be.

Apparently, such a design would allow Samsung to get rid of the gap in the middle in order to provide a more seamless experience.

It looks like this model could launch sometimes in early 2021.

Competition sure is heating up, eh?

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