Samsung, Xiaomi May Join The Always Connected PC Party

Way to stir up interest! Microsoft unveiled its new Always Connected PCs line of devices earlier this month, and they seem to have caught interest of a couple of big hardware makers.

Actually, Qualcomm introduced them at its event.

But even though the number of hardware vendors that had showcased their creations at the gathering was small, only ASUS, HP, and Lenovo were there as early adopters, there is now talk that a few others are about to join in the party.

Samsung and Xiaomi, both, are said to be interested.

Do keep in mind that these are still early rumors from now, even if they come from a fairly reliable source. We’ll need to have confirmation from others to really know whether Samsung and Xiaomi are ready to offer anything within the next few months.

That said, this potential development is not surprising at all.

The Snapdragon ARM chips have traditionally been housed in tablets and smartphones, while Intel x86 was the architecture that was deemed perfect for laptops and desktops. This move to laptops for Qualcomm is big news, as it allows PC makers more liberty in designing their systems.

Including creating devices that offer better battery life, a more streamlined form factor, as well as wireless 4G LTE connectivity. They also do away with cooling fans, for a change.

The only part of the puzzle that needs solving is the performance. But keeping in mind the fact that Qualcomm rapidly makes performance improvements with each generation, that time may not be far off where these types of devices offer respectable operations.

The arrivals of Samsung and Xiaomi, however, will only help to popularize these devices, so let’s hope we see some action from these companies.

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