SAP Will Offer Six Windows 8 Apps for the Enterprise

SAP for Windows 8 (via Instagram)

Today, SAP announced it will deliver six new SAP mobile apps for Windows 8. This will extend the ability of businesses to use SAP on a wider variety of platforms. The announcement was made at the SAPPHIRE NOW + SAP TechEd co-located conferences held in Madrid from Nov. 13-16 Their press release describes 6 business apps for Windows 8 for use on devices of various form factors focused on enterprise functions such as training, recruiting and sales. All of these mobile apps are planned to be available for download in both the Windows Store and SAP Store. They include the following:
  • SAP WorkDeck, developed first for Windows 8, is a new persona-centric app that offers contextual integration of various information sources and processes into a role-based view. SAP WorkDeck allows employees to initiate new requests, oversee upcoming events and monitor the progress, as well as enables managers to react and process workflows on-the-go, such as travel, leave and purchasing requests.
  • SAP Manager Insight is an employee profile app that provides managers with access to key indicators, such as diversity, headcount, employee talent by location, as well as employee profiles, to drive collaborative and informed human resources (HR) decision-making.
  • SAP Learning Assistant is a training app that gives on-the-go workers tag-along teachers. It makes on-demand, online training available anytime, anywhere so workers can access required classes to address compliance and job requirements.
  • SAP Interview Assistant is a recruiting app that eases the cumbersome task of arranging interviews. It also helps managers review candidate information, prepare notes, record results, and provide immediate feedback to HR.
  • SAP Customer Financial Fact Sheet is a customer profile app for account executives to access financial data, invoices and critical sales orders in real time.
  • SAP GRC Policy Survey is a policy app for employees to review and acknowledge relevant policy changes and fill in surveys to ensure they understand the policies.
  “We look forward to our ongoing collaboration with SAP, to create great new apps that our customers can use to address business needs and uncover new opportunities,” said Erwin Visser, senior director, Windows Commercial, Microsoft Corp. “We are very pleased with the commitment of SAP to Windows 8; the apps that SAP is developing for Windows 8 take advantage of the beautiful new Windows user interface and will help our customers be even more mobile, secure, productive and efficient.” In addition, the press release stated that SAP products will also be developed for Windows Phone 8. The firm said the SAP Mobile Platform will support the creation and deployment of mobile apps for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 platforms. SAP also announced plans to develop apps for Windows RT.]]>

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