Sara Lee Announces They are Moving to Windows Phone

Windows Phone 7.5 device and can be purchased for relatively cheap. That being said, here is what Sara Lee’s IT program manager, Michael Holt, said regarding the switch to Windows Phone devices:

“We considered alternatives such as iPhone and Samsung, however, Nokia Lumia was a clear winner. The Windows Phone platform offers a stronger enterprise solution, which provides better back and front office integration for the Sara Lee business.”
In short, it wasn’t really Microsoft Windows Phone that won the day here, it was Microsoft Office. Then again, Holt also had strong praise for the live tile setup and he felt it was the best way to get things done at Sara Lee.

Windows Phone – Opportunity is Knocking, Answer it!

While Sara Lee switching to Windows Phone might not seem like a big deal, it potentially could represent the start of something huge. Many companies like the idea of using a universal platform for their computing and smartphone needs. When they move to a platform there are several factors considered, but the two biggest are how well it works with enterprise functionality and how cost-effective the purchase will be. Traditionally, RIM has won the day here with Blackberry for many businesses— but more and more companies are jumping ship and likely won’t stick around for BB10. Microsoft might never be a major leader in the “everyday consumer” category for Windows Phone, but why does Microsoft even care? They simply want to maximize profits, first and foremost. Business adoption is key here. Part of this key is creating a great OS, the other part is making sure businesses understand that Windows Phone will provide the best integration with Microsoft Office you will find. Honestly, it makes me wonder if Microsoft is making a huge mistake by releasing Office for Android and iOS…. could they be shooting some major business potential in the foot here? What do you think, will more businesses make the jump to Windows Phone going forward? [ source ]]]>

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