Satya Nadella Keynote Opens Microsoft Convergence Conference

The software titan is holding a business focused event on March 16, and CEO Satya Nadella is confirmed to be attending the Microsoft Convergence conference.

He will kick off the gathering with a keynote, and the event itself will be live streamed.

Atlanta is set to pay host to the event, which starts at 8:30 AM EDT and lasts until 10:30 AM EDT. Redmond announced the details, saying:

“Nadella’s keynote will focus on how using data within businesses can help provide organizations with a deeper understanding of customers and predict trends as well as generate customer demand and loyalty. He will also highlight innovations coming from Microsoft that will help businesses get meaningful insights from data and be more productive.”

The keynote also features Kirill Tatarino, the EVP of Microsoft Business Solutions — this is a corporate focused event through and through.

We should have an idea of what the company announces on Monday, as well as any major highlights from Microsoft Convergence 2015. You can find out more details at the website here.

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