Satya Nadella says that he is running the show, Gates just helps

took charge this February, and since then he has talked about the ongoing changes at the software titan on a few occasions. Well, on almost every occasion. And this time, he explained how things are being run in the company. Talking at the Code Conference yesterday, Nadella said, in no simple terms, that while Bill Gates remains a very important presence at Microsoft, it is he who actually runs the place. The co-founder, on the other hand, is only helping. As should be the case. This is what the Nadella had to say on the matter:

“I think Bill’s presence, Bill’s push, Bill’s high standards are helpful. But there’s no confusion. I run the place. Bill’s helping. He spent all day today at Microsoft in meetings. The founder of a company can galvanize people in ways that another CEO can’t. He’s got some specific interests on Office and how to reinvent it. He’s got an agenda which I subscribe to.”
According to the CEO, Bill Gates spends most of his time on meetings with employees. Because that’s what technical advisors do. Among other things. And although Gates was fleetingly rumored to be in the running for a potential return at Microsoft on a full time basis, he now holds an important position at the company, whereby he and Nadella collaborate and work in partnership on future strategies. On the whole, it’s nice to see things are running well at Microsoft.]]>

Written by Philip Paulson


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