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Save Big With New Reservation Plans For Azure Services

Microsoft continues to refine and fine tune its cloud offerings. The company has rolled out various improvements to its Azure services in the recent past, and it is in no mood to stop.

The software titan has announced six new features in order to improve reservations in Azure.

As you may well be aware, Azure reservations allow customers to prepay for one-year or three-year plans for the services on the platform, netting significant discounts in the process. These new updates are primarily aimed toward cost-savings as part of purchase and reservations plans.

Though they also go a long way towards offering more control over the management of reservations, for companies that want to go in for the long haul.

The list of changes is substantial, but here are the new changes in condensed form:

  • Azure Databricks pre-purchase plan
  • App Service Isolated Stamp Fee reservations
  • Ability to automatically renew reservations
  • Ability to scope reservations to resource group
  • Enhanced usage data to help with charge back, savings, and utilization
  • API to get prices and purchase reservations

Solid stuff.

Customers can now not only set reservations to renew automatically, the renewals can also be opted in or opted out at any point during the reservation terms. Overall savings can go up to 40% here.

Of course, this is just another set of improvement the cloud giant has unveiled for Azure.

The platform has been picking up new advancements left and right. Just last week, the company revealed that several new security features for Files reached general availability, while a couple of days before that Archive Storage prices were dropped by up to 50 percent.

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