Say hello to Microsoft Presenter+ and Audio Dock

October 12, 2022

Boy, Microsoft sure loves the + sign these days. Right alongside revealing the Surface Studio 2+ at the special Surface event earlier in the day, it has unveiled Microsoft Presenter+ and with it, the Audio Dock.

The company says that these new accessories are here to improve the hybrid meeting experience, something that is of paramount importance in this day and age.

Or, you can say that these two devices are designed to improve your Teams meetings.

As a matter of fact, the Presenter+ is the first certified presentation control for Teams, while the Audio Dock comes with the ability to provide great audio and noise-reducing microphones to boost the experience of your meetings.

The Presenter+ works just as you expect it to. It can be used to move between slides in your presentation, mute and unmute the volume, direct the audience’s attention with the screen pointer, and even quickly join meetings.

Additionally, long pressing the Teams button on the controller lets you raise or lower your hand, so you can more easily engage with the meeting.

Better yet, the device is connected via Bluetooth, meaning you don’t have to stay too close to the computer to make good use of it. It also comes with customizable controls that are sure to come in handy for folks that would rather have the device work exactly according to their needs.

The Audio Dock is another product that does exactly what it says on the tin.

You get HDMI, two USB-C, and a USB-A connection ports, as well as a pass-through PC charger. The peripheral itself is quite small, making it suited for desks of all shapes and sizes.

But despite its small size, the company promises premium sound with the Omnisonic speakers. This means that other meeting participants will have no trouble hearing you well with the dual forward-facing, noise-reducing microphones. It also has integrated mute control for when need to go silent.

Good stuff, all round.

Pricing for these two products, however, is unavailable at the time of writing.

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