Schools Continue To Choose Windows 8 Devices

talked about how the education sector is embracing the modern version of Windows, and the company managed to convince more schools to make the switch. In fact, several of these institutions talked about how the competing platforms were really not suitable for their needs. Many administrators criticized Android, claiming that parents and students were complaining that Google’s mobile platform was not really helpful when it came to learning. In the words of David Humphreys, Director of ICT at Brighton:

“For our senior years – that’s years 7 to 12 – we had the Android program. Both parents and students were telling us that the devices weren’t as suitable as they would like for learning, and they were seen as more of a device for content consumption. Pretty quickly we decided on a Windows 8 platform.”
This is the Brighton Grammar School for boys in Australia, by the way. Similar sentiments were echoed by California’s Fresno Unified School District that decided in favor of Windows 8.1 devices ahead of Chromebooks, Android and iOS powered hardware. Redmond highlighted this important win in several videos that are available on the page above, but the prevalent theme seems to be that Windows 8.1 machines better met the needs of these institutions, when it comes to security, management as well as core requirements. All in a good day’s work for Microsoft.]]>

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