Schools Just Have To Try Mixed Reality

Not everyone is in on this, but mixed reality is going to be pretty big in the coming years. With all the companies involved in the concept, this future technology has every chance to be revolutionary.

And more importantly, practical.

But no matter which side of the fence you are on with regards to just how important an advancement this is, the only real way to get a feel is by seeing it in action. Seeing it in action, and seeing how you or your organization can put mixed reality to use.

Microsoft is all in — and it continues to try and convince others.

This time around, the company is advising educators on how they can bring augmented reality to the classroom, with this post on the Microsoft Education blog talking about how mixed reality can help in the world of education and learning.

Yijun Xie, Operation Manager at VR company Shadow Creator list three ways that mixed reality can help out in schools.

For starters, they can ease up the process of searing in the library. Educators will no longer need to find books by barcodes anymore when the categories and book names can be displayed simultaneously and overlaid in the real world.

They will quickly know where a particular book is, and how they can get there.

Secondly, when reading something with an augmented reality product, students will be able to retrieve relevant information and place it anywhere. For example, related astronomical 3D holograms could be shown to students while they are reading an astronomy book.

And finally, mixed reality makes it possible to exhibit teaching material in 3D models — showing content in a holographic way and turning pictures in a book into dynamic and vibrant images, bringing the likes of atomic structures and organ anatomy into the real world for students to interact.

All of these improvements have the potential to not only be really exciting, but make teaching all that more effective.

We just need people to take the first steps now.

First steps into this sensational field.

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