Screenshot Reveals New Feature In Windows 8.1 Control Panel

Finally, some expressive new action on the Windows 8.1 front! This time it comes in the form of new screenshots that showcase some new enhancements that are packed in the upcoming OS.

And Microsoft does indeed aims to bring several improvements in the upcoming upgrade.

The several leaked versions of the upcoming operating system (codename Windows Blue) have provided us first glimpses of these new features, large and small. However, Microsoft has been totally mum on all these new improvements, paving way for some intense user speculation.

But that is not stopping the technology community from unearthing and reporting even the smallest of improvements, every time they find one.

One feature that is set for a refresh is the Control Panel — the newest leaked preview builds include the new “Add features to Windows 8.1 Preview” option that is said to allow users to add new language packs, utilities and tools to their operating system from one centralized location.

This new image popped up over at, and it is reasonable to expect the Preview tag to drop in the final release version of Windows 8.1.

Little else is known about this feature. But as is usually the case, everything is best taken with a grain of salt until Microsoft launches the public beta of the operating system at this year’s BUILD developer conference, which is set to take place in late June.

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