Screenshots of a Windows 8 Music Program are Leaked

windows-8-store-ss1-590x331 windows-8-store-1[/caption]   The second screenshot shows what seems to be a new metro style download manager for the Windows 8 Store. There is a weather app that seems to be downloading. There is just a white background in this picture. I wonder if they did that on purpose, or if they’ll change it to something more interesting later. [caption id="attachment_11042" align="alignnone" width="590"]windows-8-store-ss2-590x239 windows-8-store-2[/caption]   Hours after these pictures were posted, WinUnleaked posted some more pictures detailing this new Windows 8 Music Metro App. The first screenshot is just a Metro splash screen for the app. [caption id="attachment_11043" align="alignnone" width="590"]windows-8-store-music-app-11-590x331 windows-8-store-music-app-3[/caption]   The second one proves to be a bit more interesting than that. It is what looks like the first part of the Music app that you see. The main menu basically. At first glance, when I saw the panel that says “Find Music” I thought, “Oh no, Microsoft is trying to release another music store!” But thankfully, that is not the case. From what it looks like, it is just a media player for your music. Under the “Find Music” title it says “Find and play music from a folder, device, or another location.” So for now this app seems more like a version of iTunes for Windows. [caption id="attachment_11044" align="alignnone" width="590"]windows-8-store-music-app-2-590x331 windows-8-store-music-app-4[/caption] The final screnshot shows a split screen of Internet Explorer 10 with a web browser open, and the music player playing a song right next to it. [caption id="attachment_11045" align="alignnone" width="590"]windows-8-store-music-app-3-590x331 windows-8-store-music-app-5[/caption]   So this confirms my theory that this is just a music player. Well I am very anxious for a Windows 8 media player. Because, after all, Windows Media Player pretty much sucks with music. I only use it to watch some movies sometimes, but never music.]]>

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