Sean Ludwig's father tries out Windows 8

have his father take a run at Windows 8. It’s an interesting video because it gives us a glimpse into the impression that Windows 8 makes on the slightly older generation. Sean describes it this way:

I consider my father pretty representative of middle-class Americans older than 50 who don’t pay attention to what the tech press cares or says. He uses his desktop computer for e-mail, watching videos, and general web browsing. As much as I have prodded him to upgrade to Windows 7, he has stayed with Windows XP. He’s almost always been averse to change, and based on the conversation below, he doesn’t seem that thrilled with Windows 8.
The video is a little long but very instructive. Toward the end of the video Mr. Ludwig gives his very candid opinion about Windows 8 including the fact that he feels younger people would have an easier time with the new Operating System. You can see it below…]]>

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