Second Windows Developer Awards Are A Go

Only second? This thing should have been there since the days of Windows 8. But anyway, Microsoft has announced that it will be holding its second annual Windows Developer Awards.

With the awards likely to be handed out at its BUILD conference, just as was the case earlier this year.

These awards offer end users a chance to recognize developers in the Windows community for their contributions over the past year, in developing both apps and games for the platform. The voting is open right now over at the Windows Dev Center website, with a close date set for March 8.

Six categories can be voted in.

Namely, Application Creator of the Year, Game Creator of the Year, Reality Mixer of the Year, Design Innovator of the Year, Commercial Innovator of the Year, and Ninja Cat of the Year.

The last award basically goes to a developer that demonstrated leadership as a standout Windows developer and made significant contributions in the community to evolve development. Microsoft defines as a core value, and hence wants to highlight and honor it.

That said, if you’re ready to vote, each of the awards has conditions regarding who can be picked.

For example, the first four awards come with conditions that the content has to be published on the Microsoft Store, and the software has developed using SDK version 15063 or later. In other words, for newer versions of the operating system.

Additionally, each award contains a third condition.

The Game Creator award, for instance, can only be won if their software integrates Xbox Live capabilities through the ID@Xbox or Xbox Live Creators Program. While the Design Innovator entrant has to have creatively leveraged the newly developed Fluent Design System that Redmond is currently refining.

But that’s all well and good.

So, if you want to have your way, and take part in the vote, then head on over to the Windows Developer Awards website, sign in with your Microsoft account, and submit your nominations.

Have fun!

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