Security in Windows 8

Revamped Windows Defender With Windows 8, Microsoft has integrated the functionalities of its widely popular anti-virus product Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) into Windows Defender, thus making Defender a complete anti-virus suite. Earlier, if MSE was installed in Windows, it used to switch off Windows Firewall and Defender. This changes with Windows 8 as Defender again takes over the role of MSE. Thus, you don’t need to install antivirus software separately anymore. Windows 8 provides it built-in! Without spending a penny, you can get a quality protection from viruses, Trojans, malwares, spywares, etc.

Windows Firewall

The good old Windows Firewall hasn’t gone anywhere. It still is your system’s defense against any attacks that come through the network. It regulates all the incoming and outgoing connections of your computer with the network. It can block any incoming connection in order to prevent any malicious activity coming from the network to your system. Conversely, it can cut off any outgoing connection in order to prevent spreading an infection from your system throughout the network.

SmartScreen Filter

Microsoft has introduced a double-edged security blade called SmartScreen Filter. Previously used only by Internet Explorer, it has now expanded its territory to cover the whole OS. In Internet Explorer, SmartScreen Filter checks websites that you visit. It matches the website URLs against its database, and warns you if it finds anything suspicious. At the OS level, SmartScreen Filter checks the executable files that you run. If it finds that an executable has a bad reputation in its database, it warns you against running the executable.

Two New Password Styles

Now you can protect your user account in 3 ways –
    1. Normal Password. It is compulsory.
    2. Picture Password – A picture on which 3 gestures are recorded. You gain access to your account when you draw those 3 gestures correctly on the picture. The gestures can be a combination of a tap, a straight line or a circle.
    1. PIN – A 4-digit code to provide quick access to account.

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