Setting Up Google Chrome in Windows 8

Installation Process Google Chrome installation doesn’t take too much steps. Basically, you just accept the license agreement, download the online installer, run it, and the installer will itself do all the required download and installation. You don’t get to configure anything while installing Google Chrome.


The latest version of Chrome can be found at Google’s website – the creator of Chrome. Chrome Download Link Click on “Download Chrome” link on the download page.

License Agreement

The JavaScript pop up box lets you specify whether to make Chrome default browser. You can also opt to automatically send feedback statistics to Google in order to improve Chrome. Click on “Accept and Install” link to accept the license agreement and initiate the download. This will download a small online installer. Note that the browser setup files aren’t downloaded. The online installer will do that once it is launched.

Download Chrome

Once the online installer is launched, it will connect to the Internet and download files of Google Chrome setup.


After the download completes, the installer installs Chrome by copying the files to your system. Google Chrome is installed at… %USERPROFILE%AppDataLocalGoogleChromeApplication …where %USERPROFILE% is your user folder. Despite the installation folder being unusual, you can’t change it. The location of the folder also means that you need to install Chrome for each user. This completes the installation process. Google Chrome launches after the installer exits.

Startup Pages

When launching for the first time, Chrome shows 2 tabs. Welcome Page – This page gives a quick tool-tipped overview of the features of Google Chrome. Besides that, it provides links to additional help and downloads. Sign in Page – You can sign in to your Google account through this page. If you sign in, then your Chrome browser will sync data like bookmarks, browsing history, browser extensions, and other browser settings to your Google account. This data will be available to Chrome browsers of other systems where you use it with the same Google account.

Make Chrome Default Browser

If you opted out of this option earlier during the installation, but now want to make Chrome default for opening webpages, then go to: Wrench Icon on right-top corner of Chrome -> Settings -> Click “Make Google Chrome my Default Browser”.

Pin Chrome

In Windows 8, you can quickly access a program from 3 places – Desktop, Taskbar and Start Screen. By default, Chrome pins itself to the taskbar. It also places a shortcut on desktop for you. In case you accidentally unpin or remove the shortcut, then you might want to manually pin it. Go to the installation folder and right click on “Chrome.exe” file. To put a shortcut on desktop, Send to -> Desktop. To pin it on taskbar, Pin to taskbar. To add it to Start Screen, Pin to Start.]]>

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