Several Surface Bugs Quashed In Latest Patch Tuesday Update

I love using the word quashed, particularly for bugs (software, of course). Maybe it’s the fact that this is a word so very rarely used, but this month’s Patch Tuesday update affords the opportunity to do so.

Latest reports suggest that Microsoft has taken care of one persistently pesky issue affecting its Surface tablets in this month’s release of fixes — yes, the WiFi connectivity problem.

Microsoft, obviously, promised to offer more software updates for its Surface family of devices, even aside from the company’s regularly scheduled programming, the monthly Patch Tuesday cycle. An excellent decision, as that the company is about to ramp up worldwide retail availability for the tablets.

Now a post on the Surface RT update history page shows that the latest software release, part of April’s Patch Tuesday event fixes a few of the limited connectivity issues with the tablet.

The WiFi issue, as you may recall, has affected the RT tablet since its October release.

Having said that, the RT version of Surface is not the only one getting some action currently — this particular software release also improves the WiFi on the Surface Pro, allowing the company’s flagship tablet the ability to handle a wide range of access points.

I’m fine with that, I’m fine with that.

As stated on the Surface Pro update history page, this latest update also deals with a problem that affects onscreen touch navigation on the Pro while in the UEFI boot menu, among other problems.

All said and done, a pretty comprehensive set of fixes. A few stinkers still remain, but here’s hoping they are under the radar over at Redmond, and are dealt with in the near future.

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