Several Windows RT Devices Getting Prices Slashed

Windows RT, is it doomed for failure? There are still quite a few critics that think so, and the new announcement of price cuts for many RT devices will likely only add additional fuel to that fire.

Apparently the Asus VivoTab RT is now hitting Amazon for as little as $377.99, down from the $599 it launched at. Next up, the Dell XPS 10 can now be had for $449 for a 32GB model, down $50. Then there is even the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11 which is now $499 sold by Amazon, down $200.

Even a few Windows 8 tablet PCs have received price cuts via Microsoft’s Store such as ATIV Smart PC 500T is just $699 down from $899, and the HP Envy x2 is $599 versus the original $849 pricing.

The only Windows RT device that doesn’t yet have any price cut yet appears to be the Surface RT, which isn’t that surprising since it is considered the most popular of these ARM-based Windows tablets.

So what does the price cuts mean for Windows RT?

Before anyone starts breaking out the โ€œa few months there will be a $100 firesale on all of theseโ€ comments โ€“ hold up and think about why Windows RT devices like the ones mentioned above are failing. Heck, even why some of the Windows 8 tablets aren’t doing that well.

Price and perception. Windows 8 and Windows RT have received mixed reception and while consumers might take a chance on something new and unproven if the price is low enough, Windows RT devices aren’t exactly that cheap.

This doesn’t mean that these are complete failures, and I believe a small price cut will help. It also doesn’t mean that Windows RT is dead.

It just means that the first-generation attempt to get Windows RT off the ground is slow-going at best. Now we need next generation devices running on Windows 8.1 (Blue), and hopefully in smaller and cheaper form factors.

The tablet war is far from over, and it is foolish to completely count Microsoft down and out, even when it comes to Windows RT. What do you think of the price cut announcements, anyone now interested in picking up an RT tablet knowing you can get them for around $400-$450? Share your thoughts below.

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