Sharepoint on Microsoft Azure

If you aren’t ready for SharePoint Online just yet, that’s not a problem because Azure provides the capability for you to host your SharePoint farms within their infrastructure.

You can scale as required, saving money on infrastructure costs and, whether you require SharePoint for developing, testing, staging, producing, or even for disaster recovery, Azure offers everything you need.

Why Azure for SharePoint?

  • Rapid SharePoint Deployment and Scaling – Set up SharePoint server infrastructure very quickly and set up your development and/or test farms. Scale your production deployments by adding more resources instantly. Use ready-to-deploy templates and images based on configurations already well tested to simplify your configuration and deployment and reduce the time takes to deploy complex farms down to just minutes.
  • Cost-Effective SharePoint Site Hosting – With pay-per-minute billing and pay-as-you-go plans, you can save a lot of money. Azure offers benefits for subscribers to Visual Studio for development and testing to reduce the costs of software licensing. Extra servers can be set up instantly to help with scaling and load testing over the short-term and then removed when no longer needed. By paying only for what you use and using only what you need, your costs come down.
  • Move VMs Across Premises Seamlessly – VMs in Azure that run SQL Server or Windows Server are no different to any on-site server. VMs can be moved easily between physical servers, hosting provided servers and Azure. This portability ensures that you can replicate your dev-test environments quickly and simply, along with any secondary production sites you have in Azure. And you can move them back when you need to with the minimum amount of fuss.
  • Run Microsoft Applications In the Best Place – Azure cloud was built by the self-same people that built SQL Server and SharePoint and they have all been fully tested to ensure they work on Azure. With the licenses you already own together with mobility of these licenses and Azure Hybrid Benefit, you can take advantage of the highest quality support across Azure, SQL Server and SharePoint. When you run SharePoint on Azure, you get your solution onto the same cloud platform that runs Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and Office 365, providing full and smooth integration across everything.

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