SharePoint Picks Up Document Management Features

Document Management

Microsoft has set its sight on the document management space with the latest update to SharePoint, something which it had historically left to other vendors.

This is a new Microsoft we are talking about, after all.

The company is all about paper scanning and management now.

Jokes aside, this detailed little rundown reveals how Redmond is playing the DMS game. Microsoft DMS SharePoint aims to fulfil the demand of scanning, text extraction and record management that enterprises ask for these days.

Obviously, the Seattle based technology titan has been slowly building to this, over the last several years.

It was in late 2017 that it announced a new feature for its OneDrive cloud storage service that enabled users to take pictures of receipts or business cards and the immediately extract text and index the content for search.

Not to mention, the company now possesses AI that can process images in document libraries, tag them based on their content and make them available for search.

By processing images in SharePoint, Microsoft now offers users the ability to detect document types automatically and classify them into categories. With these new capabilities, the software giant is now competing with systems that advertise document type detection.

The DMS space is made up of solutions like eFileCabinet, OnBase, and Laserfiche, which have had success targeting businesses of all kinds.

Redmond, meanwhile, has an advantage that SharePoint is bundled in with its Microsoft Office 365 subscription service, and will likely not cost clients any extra. Though they, obviously, will need to first ensure that these capabilities do truly align with their workflows first.

If they do, then SharePoint is all set to leave a paper trial that makes document management much easier for these companies.

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