Should Microsoft's SmartGlass be available on iPhones and Android devices?

neat new SmartGlass technology.  This looks like it could be a neat new way to interact with games through your phone or tablet. With SmartGlass you can play Madden Football and make your plays from your tablet. You can get information and way points on Halo 4 and more.  This could be a real nice evolution in console (and later hopefully PC) gaming. I see one potential issue though. They’re also making SmartGlass accessible for non-Microsoft tablets and phones. I really think this could be a mistake because if they would have kept it for Windows 8 and RT tablets then it would have given people another reason to get a Windows tablet. By having apps on non-Microsoft devices they’re basically saying its“go ahead we don’t care, buy another companies device”. Unless this is a smart ploy from Microsoft. They didn’t say the SmartGlass app would be free on non-Microsoft devices.  For Microsoft devices it could just be a free (or low cost) app while for non-Microsoft devices they could charge a high amount ($100-200+) and have a week trial to entice people. This might entice someone who has another device to buy a Windows 8 or RT device instead of paying the high price for the app? Either way Microsoft makes good money either on the new tablet purchase or app while giving people a choice which route to go. I really like the idea of SmartGlass and by letting non-Microsoft devices use it I hope it doesn’t bite them in the ass. What do you think? Should SmartGlass be agnostic?]]>

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