Sinofsky Explains His Switch To Apple Devices

There were times when an event like this would have made headlines. In some ways it did, but most of the uproar occurred on Twitter (where else). The cause? Steven Sinofsky, the former Windows boss, recently posted a tweet using an iPhone.

Some circles in the technology industry thought of this as his attempt to dump Microsoft products. So much so that Sinofsky had to give the reason for switching to iPhone on his new blog, where he said that he was just trying to evaluate competition. Seems legit:

“There’s an actual reason for using technology products and services other than the ones you make (or happen to be made by the company where you work/ed). I think everyone knows that, even a thousand tweets later.

The approach in many industries to downplay or even become hostile to the competition are well-documented and studied, and generally conclude that experiencing the competition is a good thing.”

At the end of the day, when it comes to the technology world, it is all about staying in the loop. And what better way to do that by keeping tabs on devices and products other companies are bringing out:

“Studying your competitor, well, gives you a chance to evaluate your choices in an entirely different context. When you make a product choice you are making it in the context of your company, strategy, business model, and people/talents. What if you change some of those? That is what knowing the competition allows you to do, and basically for free (no consultants or top secret research).”

Still, in the socially connected world of today, an uproar like this is in no way surprising.

And it’s not just Sinofsky who has opened up his technological horizons — several Microsoft employees are also said to have switched from Microsoft products to devices from rival companies like Apple, Samsung and Google.

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