Sinofsky Explains Why He Made The Switch To Apple Devices

Steven Sinofsky recently posted a tweet using a — wait for it — iPhone. While he is free to do so from any device, even moon rock, if he can, but some circles in the technology industry criticized him and saw this as an attempt to dump Microsoft products.

Fan boys and girls, eh?

The former Windows boss gave his reason saying that he was just trying to evaluate competitions, and now he has written a blog post where he explains his decision to use an iPhone every once in a while.

“There’s an actual reason for using technology products and services other than the ones you make (or happen to be made by the company where you work/ed). I think everyone knows that, even a thousand tweets later.”

And really, it is all about staying connected to the technology world to keep tabs on devices and products other companies on the market are working on:

“Studying your competitor, well, gives you a chance to evaluate your choices in an entirely different context. When you make a product choice you are making it in the context of your company, strategy, business model, and people/talents. What if you change some of those? That is what knowing the competition allows you to do, and basically for free (no consultants or top secret research).”

Anyway, the man’s got a pretty good point.

Besides, several Microsoft employees have also recently admitted that they had switched from Microsoft products to devices from rival companies. And according to Sinofsky, this is common practice.

It must also be remembered that Sinofsky was one of the first executives that embraced the Surface RT when it was released last year.

In the socially connected world of today (particularly Twitter users), a furor like this is in no way surprising, but at the end of the day learning from the competition is never a bad idea as Sinofsky put it.

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