SkyDrive Now Boasts 250 Million Users

SkyDrive, Microsoft’s cloud data-storage service has been gathering up some impressive numbers lately. Just this past December, the technology titan announced that the service reached the 200 million user milestone.

And now, yet another milestone has been reached — 250 million SkyDrive users.

Redmond has continued to enhance and add new features to the service, with recent releases of Android and Xbox 360 apps, and then making SkyDrive the default save location for documents created in both Office 365 and Office 2013, which has led to more than 1 billion documents stored in the cloud.

Microsoft explained on the official Windows blog:

“The service continues to grow: since October 2012 when Windows 8 launched, 50 million more people have started using SkyDrive, helping us reach an important milestone – over 250 million people are now using SkyDrive as the new place to save their files.”

Redmond has also put together a nice little infographic to go with this announcement showing the rapid evolution of the company’s cloud service.

Having said that, it has not been totally smooth sailing — the SkyDrive service (along with other Microsoft services) experienced an outage in March this year when the company’s data center got overheated.

Nevertheless, Microsoft is keen to integrate its cloud storage solution into as many services and products as it can, with the most recent one to attain this functionality.

SkyDrive is expected to continue its impressive growth in the future, more so when keeping in mind just how important cloud is in Microsoft’s new strategy. The next release of Windows, codename Windows Blue is also set to bet big on integration of cloud storage features.

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