Skype Ecosystem Now Complete After Arrival On Xbox One

Microsoft’s famed and famous VoIP platform, Skype, is already available on most of the company’s platforms, including Windows (both desktop and Metro), Windows Phone and Windows RT.

Additionally, dedicated versions of the Skype client have been released for iOS and Android, Linux and Mac, ensuring that no matter where users are they can avail the possibility of talking to each other, no matter that platform, no matter the device.

And now it is coming to Microsoft’s next-generation gaming console.

During the launch event of Xbox One, the technology titan confirmed that Skype capabilities will be added to the console, and it will include dedicated features to control some of its features with voice.

Redmond has not detailed Skype for Xbox One in particular detail, but nevertheless, this was the last step for Microsoft’s ambitious plan to make Skype a cornerstone of its long term strategy.

The Skype ecosystem is now, more or less, complete.

Of course, Microsoft recently decided to discontinue its Windows Live Messenger service and shift all users to the Skype platform, which also allows for instant text communication — limited it may be.

Nevertheless, Skype is on the right track to become a key component of almost all products that Microsoft releases from now on, hardware or software. The VoIP service will be one of the defining factors of smaller tablets powered by Windows 8.1.

Microsoft confirmed, not so long ago, that Skype reached a record peak of 45 million concurrent users at once. With the way things are going, do not be surprised if this figure more than doubles.

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