Skype For Windows 8 Updated To Version 1.5, Adds Several New Features

Microsoft earlier today introduced a new version of its ever popular Skype client for Windows 8, bringing in several changes bringing the app closer to its desktop counterpart.

One of the most requested features makes the cut this time. Yes, I am talking about the addition of a file sharing option that makes it possible for users to send and received files on their Windows 8 devices without actually leaving the Modern UI.

The Skype team shared the details in a blog post on the service’s official blog:

“With version 1.5, we have added file sharing, so you can send and receive photos or documents while instant messaging or calling your friends and family. We’re listening to our users, and file sharing has been one of the biggest features they’ve been asking for in Skype for Windows 8.”

Additionally, this new version of Skype packs several performance and stability improvements — startup time of application also gets an accelerated boast:

“With this release, we have also improved performance and stability of the application, focusing specifically on accelerating Skype start up and loading of content.”

The team also promised that many new features are set to be introduced in the next version of Skype for Windows 8 app. Those of you who want to deploy the new version can just launch the integrated Windows Store and hit up the updates section.

You can also check out the Skype app on the Windows Store.

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