Skype To Get Plenty Of New Features Soon, Including Message And Call Sync

Of all Microsoft products and services aimed at the consumers, Skype remains one that still does not has the cloud in its DNA. Sure there are a few touches here and there, but the platform could use some major improvements in this regard.

And according to the product manager at Skype, Jeff Kunins, this is exactly what it will be getting.

Since the discontinuation of the Windows Live Messenger service, a larger number of users have transitioned to the Skype platform, but now it is time for an overhaul of core features of the popular VoIP service.

In this recent interview, Kunins said that Microsoft is aiming for a seamless experience on all Windows devices, from desktops to tablets to smartphones. For this reason, the new version of Skype will make the move to the cloud, and focus on data synchronization:

“It’s not that we’ve been trying our best to be amazing at chat for 10 year and sucking at it, it’s that we’ve been doing a great job doing what we were born to do and now people want more out of us and we’re making the investments to expand and be great at that too. We’re not there yet, but we will be.”

The executive confirmed that Redmond is aware of the various issues reported by users, and is trying to offer an improved chat experience in future releases, including making sure of the fact that the application only shows the notification on the active unit, instead on all devices:

“You’ll see us very soon begin rolling that out so users get the benefit of cloud history, synced read state across all of your devices.”

Along with enhancing the notifications, the company is also looking to improve loading times of the application, plus some other tweaks and features. The Windows Phone 8.1 flavor of the app is also in focus, and good things are planned on this platform.

Most of these features are slated for release starting next year, so expect plenty of action then.

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