Skype Getting Video Messaging Soon

Terms of Use page on its official website shows that Microsoft is set to release a video messaging option to its popular VoIP application. And yes, it is exactly what you think it is. Video messaging would essentially allow users to send and receive short video messages. Nifty! The terms of use, however, reveal a few limitations for those that are not on a subscription plan. While free users can send video messages too, but the number of messages available to then are limited. Skype Premium subscribers have the ability to send and receive unlimited video messages, and any video message they send or receive will have no expiry date. I’ve always hated expiry dates. While premium users can save and archive these video messages, free users, on the other hand will have their video messages deleted after 90 days. Eh, a small price to pay! Here is the official word (or words) straight from Skype’s website:

“If you are not a Skype Premium subscriber, the number of Video Messages you can send are limited, however you can receive an unlimited number of Video Messages (again subject to the FUP below). As a non-Skype Premium subscriber any Video Message you send or receive will expire within 90 days, except for Video Messages received from a Skype Premium subscriber or where you upgrade to a Skype Premium subscription before the 90 day expiry period ends, and in either case the Video Message shall cease to have an expiry date”.
No word yet on when the feature is set to be rolled out, but it should be anytime now.]]>

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