Skype To Increase Focus On Performance And Enhanced Video Quality

Microsoft’s popular VoIP platform, Skype, is now playing an integral role in the company’s future plans. And speaking of future, Redmond has recently outlined the general roadmap for future improvements for the communication platform.

In a new (and very long) blog post, the Skype team shared details of some of the enhancements it is working on that aim to provide users with increased performance and quality.

According to Microsoft, the future of Skype is split into three different sections. First up is increased performance and quality. As the team explained:

“This is our number one priority and a key component of every update we roll out. Earlier this year, we started making some significant changes under the hood to the way in which our apps work, specifically around reliability, battery life and performance.”

Next up is the Modern design that Microsoft so often talks about. The software titan now wants to put the focus on conversations and users should expect several important UI improvements in future versions of Skype:

“Our aim is to make the experience and design of our apps as consistent as possible, while still respecting each device’s unique look and feel.”

And finally, Redmond is trying to offer the same feature package on all Windows devices — from desktop computers, laptops to tablets and smartphones:

“We want everyone to have the same great Skype experience regardless of the device they choose. We have some work to do in this area, but you’ll increasingly see a more consistent feature set across all our apps by the end of the year.”

By the end of the year sounds good. The communication platform has already taken center stage after the retirement of Windows Live Messenger earlier this year.

And not to mention that Skype is reportedly poised to become the key messaging app in the Windows operating system, with recent rumors suggesting that the application would come preinstalled with Windows 8.1 RTM.

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