Skype Video Calls Integration With Starts Today

The anticipated feature is finally coming to the company’s flagship email platform. Microsoft showcased the feature to the public last month in a special video. And it will begin integrating Skype video calls in, starting today.

Microsoft shared the news in a post on the official Skype blog:

“In the coming months, audio and video calling powered by Skype will be available in every inbox. By adding Skype conversations to your modern email, Microsoft is creating yet another way for you to connect to the people you care about most.”

The lucky users in the United Kingdom are first to get the preview, with users in the United States and Germany said to get access in the weeks to follow.

Here, take a look at the feature in the video below:

As for the integration, it is simple enough — users will be required to install a simple browser plugin (available for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome, by the way) and then link their and Skype accounts to merge them up.

Once done, Skype call buttons will be available anytime a user mouse overs a contact in the email thread or instant message. Clicking on either the audio or video call button will bring up the Skype call window.

Worldwide availability is, expectedly, slated for summer after the company tests and optimizes the feature and irons out any bugs. But one thing is for certain, Skype continues its quest for domination with impressive features like this.

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