Slow Sales May Lead Notebooks To Become Cheaper Than Ever

If you thought notebooks and laptops were already cheap, then think again. It wasn’t all too long that mobile computers cost well over four figure amounts, but even though there are plenty of affordable models out in the market, they may become even more inexpensive.

Amazing what slow sales numbers can do to products.

Market analysts expect the Wintel camp is getting desperate enough to further cut price on notebooks in order to maintain sales level, if not outright increase them.

If you are unaware of what the Wintel camp means, it describes the PC makers that manufacture and sell computers made with Intel CPUs and powered by Microsoft Windows operating system.

A report over at Digitimes says that PC hardware manufacturers are trying to persuade both Intel and Microsoft to make the move so that supply chains may then follow.

Most hardware manufacturers were expecting the arrival of Windows 8 to rekindle interest in personal computing leading to better sales, but that obviously is a far-fetched idea right now. Sales continue to drop last quarter even with Redmond’s latest OS on the store shelves.

With the amount of new (and improved) tablets that continually make their way to the market showing no signs of slowing down, computer makers are left with no choice as all other options have failed.

Now, whether they manage to do this is another matter entirely — Intel really is stubborn when it comes to slashing prices of their CPUs, OEM or otherwise. So this deal is far from done.

Maybe the extreme rise in mobile computing, tablets and Internet connected devices will be enough of a reason for the world’s largest CPU maker to drop prices.

Then again, it may not.

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