Snowflake Comes To Microsoft Azure In Europe


Snowflake Computing has brought its data warehousing solution to Microsoft Azure in Europe, delivering its services to a much wider and global customer base.

In fact, as the company notes, general availability has been expanded to the entire EMEA region.

The expansion mirrors the rising customer demand for Snowflake on Azure in the Old Continent, as large organizations desire flexibility in choosing a cloud platform that best serves their unique business needs and customer requirements.

This development empowers European customers to pursue a flexible cloud strategy.

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Snowflake co-founder and CTO, Benoit Dageville:

“As more companies move their data and analytics workloads to the cloud, the demand for a cloud-built data warehouse continues to grow. Each organization has different business requirements, and as a customer-centric company, we want to continue offering the flexibility to choose a cloud provider and region to meet our customers’ business needs.”

Snowflake leverages Azure infrastructure services for data storage and query processing, integrating with the services available on the Microsoft cloud — including Azure Data Lake Store as well as Microsoft Power BI.

Several new features are also part of the package like accelerated networking and storage soft delete.

Another important factor is that European Snowflake customers can keep their operations in their region, particularly those that want to keep their EU data local. In addition, local availability also provides customers with fast, low-latency access to their data.

Snowflake has also recently introduced collation support in preview, designed to help customers specify rules on how data is sorted and compared. Users can specify rules based on character sets for different languages, case-sensitivity, and additional options.

The company prides itself as the only data warehouse built for the cloud, enabling data-driven enterprise with instant elasticity, secure data sharing and per-second billing, across multiple clouds.

Pay them a visit.

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