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So i guess HP just stopped trying huh?

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  1. At least it looks beautiful. Can’t say they did a crappy job at copying. But it doesn’t have touch, so that’s a dealbreaker.

  2. This is getting annoying. HP is copying what? The computer is not a part of the monitor, it is part of the stand, with some IO in the base. You can access the insides without being a surgeon. Just how many different ways can you make an AiO? The keyboard, mouse and pad look like the Apple versions, but also resemble those from Vizio. This would be like comparing tires from Goodyear and Firestone. They are both black and round, with little groves in the top. Get a grip! If Apple ever makes a touch screen iMac, will they then be copying HP? Toshiba? Lenovo? Samsung? Sony? Who am I not including? HP doesn’t have all the money in the world like Apple. They are reducing staff still. HP has every right to be successful.

  3. I am confussed. Are you refering to the All-in-one or the design? If it is the All-in-one you are a couple of years late. The TouchScreen 520 has been out for well over a year.

  4. Will add this and it sort of points to who being the copy-cat?
    The HP TouchSmart was first introduced by Bill Gates on January 7, 2007,[1] becoming the first mass market touchscreen desktop PC.[

  5. Why copy suddenly becomes a problem while people are copying each other in this world every second? The only thing I care is if you copy, copy and modify it so that you could produce a better product just like what the Japanese did to American many many years ago.

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