Some Retailers Selling Windows RT As Windows 8

The confusion continues! Windows RT is one Microsoft product that has caused a fair bit of confusion in recent times. Plus the fact that it is the tablet version of Windows 8 with no support for Windows 8 apps does not help things one bit.

So much so that more than five months into release, some retailers selling the two products still cannot make the difference between the two distinctly unique platforms.

The end result — more confusion among buyers.

A recent report over at PC Pro shows that some of the Windows RT devices are mistakenly listed by retailers as Windows 8 compatible, even though most technology enthusiasts are aware that desktop applications are not supported on the RT platform.

Take the Dell XPS 10 and Samsung Ativ Tab RT for instance. Both are sold by Argos, both are running Windows RT, but are promoted as Windows 8 devices.

Even the Asus VivoTab listed on Tesco’s website is listed as same.

The problem is that retailers like these offer no clarification to their buyers, meaning some inexperienced customers may be tricked into believing that Windows RT is actually a full featured variant of Windows 8 designed for Windows 8.

Some retailers have promised to solve the problem by changing the device name, or publish a clarification on the product description page, but others do not care about it — even though such a mistake clearly affects Microsoft’s image as well.

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