Some Users Will Stick With Windows XP Years From Now

Microsoft is striving hard to kill off Windows XP, and move all users to newer versions of the operating system as soon as possible. But there are some users that plan on sticking with the old operating system years into the future.

A report published by IMS Research reveals that the industrial PC (IPC) market will stick to Windows XP many years from now. Talking to, HIS analyst Toby Colquhoun said:

“Widespread acceptance will take at least four years as IPC suppliers release new compatible products and end-users gain confidence in using the new technology”.

“A large number of IPCs continue to be sold with Windows XP. The functionality provided by this platform is suitable for a great number of applications, and so there is no urgency for most IPC customers to change operating system.”

Sounds reasonable! Most IPCs around the world are running on the old operating system, and reports show that a direct jump to Windows 8 is highly unlikely.

Most are expected to make the move to Windows 7 instead of Windows 8 in 2014 — the time when Microsoft is said to officially pull the plug off of both mainstream and extended support for the old OS:

“That said, in 2013, few industrial PC suppliers will offer Windows XP with their newest products. Most customers adopting the latest IPC technology will choose Windows 7 as it has a familiar user interface and is already proven in other applications.”

Windows XP, as of this writing, is the second most popular operating system in the world with a market share awfully close to the reigning king, Windows 7.

Recent statistics, however, show that the 11-year-old operating systems has started losing users, as more and more people and businesses make the shift to new platforms. Microsoft expects the transition to be complete by 8 April 2014.

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