Something About Microsoft Windows 7’s Security

Windows 7 security is the top most dominating feature, which has raised the global demand of its installation. There are plenty of new features along with some good modification in the previous features and the operating system offers enhanced security for both online and offline activities.

Microsoft has blessed its new operating system with some innovative features, such as DirectAccess, Biometric Security, Applocker, Windows Filtering Platform (WFP). Besides, there has been a considerable improvement in previous features, like Windows Secuirty Center of Vista has been presented in a more effective way as Action Center, BitLocker has been revised to perform advanced job.

With the modified and innovative features, like BitLocker, you can share your data with your colleague without any worry, DirectAccess helps to share your office network in a secure manner, when you are on move. With Action Center, you can troubleshoot the problems arising with software and hardware conflicts in a much better way. BitLocker feature, which is useful for encrypting your data files, is not available with the Windows 7 Home Premium Edition. It has been observed that the files encrypted are hard to recover, in case of any data loss.

Windows 7 Firewall has been modified to a great extent, now it can filter both inbound and outbound traffic of your computer’s network. Windows Defender can be customized well, under the Advanced Setting option, available in Control Panel, for quick, complete and partial scanning of your computer’s memory. While in Vista, you were permitted for doing only basic setting. In addition to this, you can also customize it as per your need to scan public network, home network or work network. Moreover, you can perform scanning of each one at the same time, it was also restricted in earlier Vista, where you can do scanning of one network at a time. Next improvement has been done with the restriction from User Account Control, which doesn’t allow others to perform any setting change over your PC in your absence.

With effective Windows Firewall, Windows Defender and software, you can keep your computer safe from viruses and ensure good performance. Adding on, you can remain free from frequent computer’s issues like sluggish performance, slow startup, blue-screen error and computer’s freezing. You can keep your Windows registry in sound condition, which is the God father of your computer.

Understanding the global threat about cyber-crime and other malilcious softwre, Microsoft has done a complete overhauling in the security feature of Windows 7. With the new operating system, you can share your computer’s data and peripheral devices like, printers and scanners in a much secured manner.

Advantages and disadvantages are always associated with any development. There are some limitations in Windows 7 security, like Windows Firewall has been observed to be getting disabled on attack of some sophisticated viruses. Windows 7 still using the same encrypt arithmetic as the previous versions of Windows. That means that if you need to reset Windows 7 password, you can just use the similar methods like Windows Vista or XP. Sometimes you even have to use some Windows 7 password recovery software that is used for Windows 7 password reset. Further, it also raises issues while installing some new programs or making some download from any website. Windows Defender needs to be configured well after each and every new installation work you perform on your computer.

For attaining better security over your Windows 7 installed computer, you should keep your Windows update enabled, when you are online. Status of Windows Defender should be monitored on regular basis. In addition, your computer must have a compatible antivirus program.

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