Sony Cameras Can Now Be Used As Webcams On Windows 10

Sony Camera

Now, this is something I can get behind! There is a neat little trend in the camera world these days, and Sony has finally started to follow it. It’s of using your camera as a webcam.

Professional camera manufacturers like Fujifilm and Canon joined this party a while ago.

Sony has too.

Its new Imaging Edge Webcam software lets you use a whole array of Sony camera models from recent years as webcams on your PC. The program only supports the 64-bit variant of Windows 10 for now, with no such deal for other versions of the operating system or other platforms like macOS.

But you do get support for a ton of different cameras — 35 in total. These include models with interchangeable lenses with A and E mounts, digital still cameras and even the vlog cameras that Sony has been making.

In other words, there’s plenty to choose from, not just the high-end DSLRs.

Sony has put together this guide to help you connect your camera to your computer, and you can download the software from the official website by selecting all the camera models you plan on using.

Just a couple of caveats, though.

The webcam software uses the aspect ratio set on the camera itself, so you’ll have to change it on the device before using it. Also, the resolution will be locked at 1024 x 576 for some reason, meaning you will not get the full native resolution of the cameras.

That said, the quality should still be better than most integrated webcams.

And that’s pretty much the whole deal here.p

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