Sony Introduces Vaio T15 Touch Ultrabook

At this year’s CES Sony brought us a brand new member to its VAIO family, the VAIO T15, a 15-inch Windows 8 powered touch ultrabook.

As 2013 progresses I have a pretty strong feeling that “ultrabook with touch” eventually won’t even need to be stated, it will be just a given. We don’t say tablet with touch after all, it is just commonsense that a tablet has a touchscreen, and ultrabooks certainly seem to be heading in the same direction.

So what does the VAIO T15 bring to the table? The tablet has a lightweight aluminum and magnesium chassis and the power of Intel Core 3rd generation processors, for starters. Besides iCore i5/i7 processing power, there is also a capacitive 10-finger touch display with a resolution of 1920×1080.

The rest of the features vary, depending on what model you choose. What’s even more exciting is that for a touch-based product, its starting price isn’t too terribly high at $950. Obviously it can become much more expensive than that, depending on your chosen configuration.

While Sony might not be one of the “top players” in the PC world, they are still certainly one of the best ‘premium’ PC options out there. In many ways Sony devices command a similar level of premium and upscale design that Apple products do, with the big exception being the power of Windows over OS X.

So what do you think of the T15, worth the $950 for the entry model or do you feel that ultrabooks really don’t need touchscreens to be truly successful?

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