Special Music Instrument Apps Section Shows Up On The Windows Store

Microsoft has just put up a special section on the Windows Store, this time showcasing the best apps to help users learn to play a variety of musical instruments, all within the Metro user interface.

A total of 19 apps are available in the “Play an instrument” subsection — including virtual pianos, guitars, and drums. Most of the apps are available with a freeware license, though one or two carry a small price tag.

The category description details it best:

“Find your rhythm. With a little practice and some help from apps, you can learn to play guitar, bass, drums, accordion, and other instruments in time and in tune. Start a band and you’ll be entertaining your family and friends before long!”

As is usually the case, this special new section will only be live for a limited time in the Windows Store, so if you are in the mood of creating some sweet-sound music, head on over to the Spotlight section.

In other news, the Windows Store is seeing some good action ever since Microsoft put up some special campaigns promoting application development for the Windows 8 platform.

Redmond has been handing out virtual gift cards to app developers that get their apps approved on the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store. Along with this the software titan has actively held several gatherings of app developers in various parts of the world, under its AppFest banner.

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