Special Verizon Lumia 920 code-named “Laser”, coming later in 2013?

Just a few days ago we reported on a rumor that Nokia was expanding the Nokia Lumia 920 line-up through several new variants, including a possible 41MP PureView-based 920. Now it seems that a new rumor has surfaced that Verizon will soon start selling the previously exclusive AT&T Nokia Lumia 920 later this year under two different versions: Catwalk and Laser.

Catwalk is said to have a new polycarbonate casing but should otherwise be relatively similar to the original Lumia 920. As for the Laser? Not much is known about it, other than it will be their primary, high-end version and will be a major priority for Verizon. We can’t say if this rumor is true or not, though it wouldn’t be that surprising to see Verizon try to expand upon AT&T’s success with Nokia so far.

With rumors of a Windows Phone 8 41MP PureView Lumia in the works, it seems more than likely that the Nokia Laser could be coming with such a camera.

For now, take this all with a grain of salt. So how about it, would you like to see several new variants of Nokia hardware coming over to Verizon? Are you currently holding off on Windows Phone 8, and if so would this help change your mind?

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