Speculation about Amazon tablets is building

  • The first will be an e-ink-based replacement for the current Kindle eReader, which is a thin, light, low-cost, black-and-white device that will likely start under $100.
  • The second will be a color Kindle that would rival Barnes & Noble’s Nook Color. Like the Nook, Amazon’s color Kindle will run on the Google Android mobile OS and feature a touch screen.
  • The third device is perhaps the most intriguing because it will directly compete with Apple’s iPad and be similar to that device in size, weight, and capabilities. This full-featured Amazon tablet will cost less than the iPad and run Android apps, and will be backed by Amazon’s capacious ecosystem.
  • This is going to be really interesting because Amazon have been very careful not to rush to market with a BS tablet. They have been very quiet and focused so Apple (and Microsoft) may be in store for a bit of a shock.
    What do you guys think?

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