Start Menu Reviver Brings Tiles To Your Windows Start Menu

The Start Menu and Live Tiles are two of the most talked about features of Windows 8. A new application aims to bring back the Start Menu, but with a Modern twist.

Start Menu Reviver is the latest addition to the category of third-party Start menus, and promises to deliver a fresh new take on the experience, offering the best of both worlds that is in line with the modern UI design that Microsoft so readily promotes.

At its very core it is an application launcher — but one that is highly customizable.

The software works on both Windows 7 and Windows 8 and features an intuitive tile based interface that can be easily used with either a keyboard and mouse combination or touch input.

This is one of the most advanced Start menu replacement programs around, and the interface is broken down into several distinct parts that allow quick access to installed programs, modern apps, along with system and power options all in one convenient location.

And similar to the Star Menu in Windows 7, this software provides a search bar that can help users find applications, files and computer settings. And better yet, you get results as soon as you start typing, whether the query is complete or not.

Installation of this freeware program is easy and effortless, and it works instantly without requiring a restart. Ultimately, however, the interface is on the large side, owing to the style it is going for.

Another small downer is that the menu does not hide away when the user clicks outside. This means that users are forced to click on the Start Menu to make it go away. Nevertheless, these are things that can (and hopefully) will be improved upon in future updates.

The official website of Start Menu Reviver provides more information about this program along with download links that you can use to install it on your Windows 7 or Windows 8 computer.

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