Start Planning Your Windows 7 Upgrades, Says Security Expert

The mainstream support for Windows 7, the most popular operating system on the desktop, ended this week. Which means the platform will not be getting any new features.

Free support for the operating system is also not on offer now, though extended support is still available for those that want it — at least until January 2020.

However, as far as security experts are concerned, this is not something that users and businesses should get too comfortable with. Migrating to a new platform takes a lot of time, and even though some five years are left until Windows 7 is retired, everyone should start making plans now.

This is what Graham Cluley, an independent security expert, has said in a recent piece, recommending IT administrators in particular to start planning their upgrades.

“If you’re responsible for looking after Windows computers in your company, it’s time to start thinking about your transition plan now. Putting it off until tomorrow only increases the chances of you being caught out when time really is rapidly running out…

Don’t panic. But also don’t get too comfortable. Start thinking now about when you are going to start the process of making sure those Windows 7 machines get upgraded.”

The Windows XP example is here for all to see, with some companies still struggling to completely move away from the vintage platform, months after its retirement.

Thing is that with Windows 7, at least users will not have to worry too much about hardware compatibility issues. Most computers that run this OS can cope with newer solutions like Windows 8 and the upcoming Windows 10 — without any major issues, whatsoever.

So that’s a bit of a welcome positive in that sense.

But it always is best to plan beforehand, particularly for large companies and organizations. Meaning this suggestion is not without its merit, more so when keeping in mind the current market share.

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