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No More Legacy Support: This would be dependent on moving to 64-bits. That would mean no more of the WoW64 architecture to support 32-bit windows. Once all of the apps, drivers and plug-ins move to 64-bits, there will be no need for 32-bit backwards compatibility. If you do need Windows XP support for some reason, it will likely be through sandboxed virtualization similar to what is done in Windows Server 2008, which is 64-bit only. A Single Windows Base: At the Worldwide Partner Conference, Microsoft said it wanted to move all of their systems to a unified operating system, a move similar to what Apple has done with its operating systems. The Mac, iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad all use the same code base. Starting with Vista, Microsoft has pretty much unified its x86 operating systems. At their cores, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 are identical. It’s what Microsoft puts on top of them that differentiates the two. With the next Xbox in development and smartphone hardware advancing, it won’t be too hard to make a single OS base that spans the line of Microsoft products. This should make cross-platform development much easier. A Unified Interface: this is another WPC announcement. It’s not hard to predict this. People have already noticed the resemblance between Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8. If Microsoft is shooting to make a single OS across all devices, then a common UI is only logical. Learn one UI and you learn them all. Let me give you my response. NONSENSE No one can credibly say that they know what’s going to be in a Windows 9 Operating System. Heck, we barely know whats going to make it into Windows 8. Still, we are getting ready anyway, check out our Windows 9 site. 🙂 For the record, I think that Microsoft will change the name. I’m guessing the new name will be Windows 365. Just my take…]]>

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