StatCounter Data Shows IE 10 Is Now The Top Microsoft Browser

Ah, the ever perplexing battle for browser supremacy! The latest from the frontlines is that Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 10 has now become the company’s number one browser worldwide.

The default Windows 8 web browser, which was released for Windows 7 users a few months back, has managed to overtake all other previous versions — it hit the milestone in the first 15 days of September.

Obviously, Net Applications and StatCounter are still locked in a little battle of their own. The former’s data for the month of August revealed that IE 10 is still behind IE 8, even though Internet Explorer 10 had made some rather impressive strides recently.

But the newest StatCounter figures, for the first two weeks of September 2013 that is, show that IE 10 has done the job, and become the most popular version of IE currently on the market.

Chrome 29, however, still tops these rankings with no less than 33.51 percent of the market to its name. Firefox 23 takes the runner up place with 13.96 percent. And IE10, Microsoft’s most popular browser, comes in third with 12 percent.

Other IE versions follow — IE 8 and IE 9 have figures of 9.28 percent and 5.74 percent, respectively.

While Internet Explorer 10 is the default web browser built into Windows 8, attention is slowly shifting towards the next version of the popular application. Redmond has already completed development work on IE 11, which is set to make its debut next month, with Windows 8.1.

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