Statistics Show Nokia Owns 83% Of Windows Phone Market Outside The USA

The advertising network, AdDuplex, is pretty much the authority when it comes to Window Phone statistics. And now we have some rather interesting numbers from them on Windows Phone manufactures outside United States.

The latest data for May 3 shows that Nokia is the undisputed king of the Windows Phone platform, outside its home turf, claiming an impressive 83 percent outside the USA. HTC follows in second with 11 percent, and Samsung rounds up the top three with 3.9 percent.

LG, with all its fallacies holds around 0.9 percent — just shy of 1 percent made up by all other OEMs.

No major surprises here when you consider just how many smartphones Nokia has on the market, at all price point. Lumia 920 may be leading the bunch, but users have also the choice of Lumia 820, 720, 620 and even the 520.

I say even the 520, because the newly-released device has been tearing up the charts in developing markets, owing to its affordable price.

Having said that, Nokia may own the lion’s share of the Windows Phone market outside the United States, but this still is a market where the Finnish company has traditionally found hard to break in.

While AdDuplex has not released statistics for the USA, it may not be at all surprising to find out that HTC have higher portions for itself in the country.

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