Stay Tuned For The Amazon Prime Video Windows 10 App

Amazon Prime Video

Looks like Windows 10 is about to get a big one here! Amazon has had its Prime Video streaming service available on most major platforms like Chromecast and Android TV.

But a native Windows UWP app had been missing.

The service has even found its way to Xbox One since 2017, but the only way to access it on Microsoft’s latest desktop operating system is through a web browser. This all changes now, as an official Universal Windows Platform (UWP) application has been sighted in the Microsoft Store.

In preview form.

Amazon Prime Video App

The app seems to maintain parity with the features on the web, and also contains handy and requested sections like ‘Downloads’ for offline viewing — something that will please users.

This is how it looks:

Apparently, the app had been in development for a while now, and Amazon had been cooking it up for a few months. The report claims that Amazon had dedicated resources to the development of the application for the past three months.

Though it is not yet clear whether this one makes use of the Project Reunion initiative that Microsoft announced at BUILD this year, as a way to unify UWP and Win32 applications.

Regardless, a native application with unique capabilities that has not been ported from the web into the store using a wrapper is something that Windows 10 users are sure to appreciate. And hopefully, this is a sign of things to come.

Speaking of things to come, the release seems imminent.

So, if you are into Amazon Prime Video, then this is something to look forward to.

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