Steam For Chrome OS Inches Closer


Bad news for Microsoft? Well, it’s a start. We have known for quite some time that Steam was gearing up for launch on Chrome OS. But new intelligence suggests that the arrival is much closer than we think.

The gaming platform will simply amp up the capabilities of Chromebooks.

And though everything is still in its early days, with support being very limited at first, the fact that this arrival will make the Chrome OS operating platform inch nearer to what Windows is capable of in the multimedia and gaming space.

According to this report, Chrome OS already came with support for Linux apps through Crostini, a project that was powered by a full Linux operating system running in a container. There is another similar project in development that will bring us the Steam gaming platform.

While Crostini itself runs on Debian, the new project Borealis uses Ubuntu as its foundation.

And this is what will allow users to play games on Chrome OS.

Of course, not every Chromebook will be able to run the gaming platform. According to cited sources, only devices powered by the 10th generation Intel processors will be allowed to play Steam games on Chrome OS.

But it’s a start.

And just like the arrival of native Windows apps to the platform, this will allow Chromebooks to stake a claim as another viable alternative to Microsoft’s OS.

Linux itself has improved quite a bit when it comes to gaming performance, though Windows is still the undisputed champion in this space. But this development comes at a time when investments in alternate operating systems is gaining more traction.

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